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Your Collective Asset | Independent Unit Management
Want to enhance the way you protect your propoerty assest? Read How
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Independent Unit Management has assisted with the enhancement, maintenance and protection of strata schemes during the past 42 years.

While the lifestyle rules may be different in a strata scheme, the basic principles of smart property ownership and appreciating real estate remain the same.

Your individual unit or apartment might be a much-loved showpiece, but if the neighbouring units and common areas look neglected or harbour defects caused by lack of maintenance, it will affect your outcomes and values.

Well-managed properties which enjoy a;

…will always be attractive to future buyers.

After 42 years of enhancing, maintaining and protecting billions of dollars worth of collective property assets, Independent Unit Management understands exactly how to keep your collective values strong and growing.

Talk to us today about an assessment of your collective asset and its governance. We can make recommendations for improvement today.