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The Collective Asset & Your Vertical Village | Independent Unit Management
Want to enhance the way you protect your propoerty assest? Read How
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We believe increasing the levels of well-researched unit buying and informed decision making about collective property assets will assist all stakeholders in Sydney's vertical villages and neighbourhood strata schemes.

With 48,000 new unit buyers every year and the number of people living in units to equal the number of those in free standing dwellings by 2030 in Sydney, Independent Unit Management believes it is vital that we collectively seek to enhance our understanding of strata lifestyle.

For 42 years, we have enhanced, protected and maintained hundreds of unit complexes and trained skilled strata managers who understand the importance of proactive management.

We are still learning, and as the management of living and working environments becomes increasingly complex, we are striving to increase the efficiency of systems and enhance skills required to assist all owners corporations.

We will give you A30-Minute Collective Asset Governance Assessment and recommendations on changes your owners corporation can make to plan for a valuable asset into the future.