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You're in good company with IUM.
Here are just a few examples of what our clients have to say about us.

Honestly, IUM is the best strata company to work with.

Jessica Lane Combined Real Estate, Glenfield

I am very happy with our new strata manager, Phillip Pappas. Since taking over, he has corrected all mistakes and attended to all the works. I appreciate his professionalism and prompt attention to any issues. His attention to detail and knowledge of the regulations are excellent. We have a great manager who goes the extra mile and it is truly a pleasure to work with him.

Nataliya Sukhova

I never usually do this, but I would like to provide some positive feedback for Melissa Thompson. I've been a tenant, now owner for the last 5 years in Campbelltown. We had serious, ongoing rubbish problems for over 5 years. Extreme situation involving council health workers and physical confrontations with co-tenants. Enter Melissa, and finally resolved the issue at the AGM. Today, the area is clean and orderly. Still can't believe it. Very impressive!

John Ritchie

It is actually really comforting to be able to have such trust in managers, such as yourself.

Russell Williams

I would like to say that I am impressed with the service and support from Melissa during the time she has supervised my property in Glenfield. Melissa is the best worker I have had from strata and I am very happy with her work and level of service.

Carmel Votano

One of the additions for our villa is good strata management and a good strata manager - in both of which, you fit the bill.

Alexandra Pearce

Thanks Aleksija, you are getting more done in a couple of weeks than the last two managers did in years. Awesome work.

Adam Harradine

On behalf of (our) executive committee I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the professionalism of Aleksija Petrovic, Strata Manager for our property. Aleksija has been our strata manager for about two years. Her language skills, sensitivity and understanding of diverse cultures are useful to the owners of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, as some of the owners have limited understanding of English. Aleksija is courteous, respectful and professional and displays a great positive work attitude toward all owners

Bobby Carrington

It is a pleasure dealing with Independent Unit Management

Annika Lai Allen & Newton Building Services

I am always interested in my properties. Investments are not cheap and things can wrong so fast and cost one everything if due care is not applied. I have never missed a meeting and I am always actively managing my properties, even if I am on the other side of the world. No one would look after your property the way you would. The job is made easy when working with professionals like you.

Pasquale Geagea